Tips for Preparing a Report to International Human Rights Review Processes

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When drafting an alternative report, it is suggested to:

  • Identify the focus and structure of your alternative report (e.g., selected issues or all articles/clusters of the treaty)
  • Analyse the extent to which existing law, policy and practice comply with the principles and standards of the treaty and other relevant follow-up recommendations, so you can highlight the main challenges in the alternative report
  • Make reference to the relevant article in the treaty you are referring to
  • Reference all information correctly (e.g., jurisprudence)
  • Do not use abusive language
  • Be clear and precise, accurate and objective; and provide examples/evidence of alleged human rights violations, where relevant
  • Integrate a gender perspective in the alternative report (i.e., mention whether there are any differences between women/men with regard to the enjoyment of specific human rights; include disaggregated data, etc)
  • Include concrete suggestions on how could the human rights situation be improve

Source: UN Training Manual, Annex 2, pp. 82-83