UPR Timeline 2019-2020+

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UPR Timeline

  • September 15 2019-Report due to national UPR Cities team (We will build a national report from US Cities and submit by UN's October 3 deadline)
  • Late fall 2019- US Government to submit its UPR report
  • January 23-24, 2020 UPR Lobby Days- US civil society groups will gather in NYC and Washington DC around the UPR process- Local groups can send delegations/ join remotely-- watch for details!
  • Winter 2020-Local groups can set deadlines for completing local UPR review and promoting public events to raise local awareness of UPR
  • May 2020- the UN Human Rights Council session for the US UPR
  • September 2020-The UN Human Rights Council issues its final report to the US government.
  • Fall 2020 & Beyond: Use the UN & Local UPR Reports to Keep Clamoring for Human Rights!