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National Human Rights Cities Alliance Steering Committee members:*

  • Molefi Askari- Ubuntu Institute for Community Development
  • Robin Benton- Chairman of Community Relations & Racial Equity, Neighborhood Association of Belnap Lookout (Grand Rapids), Antiracism TV
  • Rachel Bergsieker- American Friends Service Committee-Washington DC
  • Vickie Casanova Willis- National Conference of Black Lawyers
  • Joshua Cooper- Director, Hawai'i Institute for Human Rights
  • Noel Didla- Jackson Human Rights Institute, Tougaloo College
  • Johnaca Dunlap- Ubuntu Institute for Community Development
  • Jacob Flowers- American Friends Service Committee-Regional director, US South
  • Rachel Fowler- Turn South: Southern Women for Change
  • Alex Lawson, Hope Enterprise Corporation, Jackson MS
  • Aaron Oravillo, Commissioner, City of Seattle Human Rights Commission
  • Vincenzo Pasquantonio, former Director of the Office of Human Rights and Equity for the City of New Orleans
  • Francisco J. Rivera Juaristi- International Human Rights Clinic, Santa Clara University School of Law
  • Salvador Sarmiento- Washington D.C. Coalition for Immigrant Rights and Sanctuary City Effort
  • Michael Scott- Equity Matters
  • Jackie Smith- Pittsburgh Human Rights City Alliance
  • M. Thandabantu Iverson- Organization for Human Rights and Democracy
  • Shahrzad Sajadi- Boston Human Rights City Initiative
  • Yolande Tomlinson- Organization for Human Rights and Democracy

Institutional affiliations listed are for identification purposes only

Past Steering Committee Members
Jean-Louis Peta Ikambana- American Friends Service Committee & Washington DC Human Rights City Steering Committee
Onaje Muid- International Human Rights Association for American Minorities
Michael Santos- National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty