Sample human rights survey

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Sample survey for collecting human rights information about your city or community:

  • Question 1: What are the three most important human rights issues for [city/community name]? (Please select up to 3)
    • Criminal justice
    • Discrimination, inequity and inequality
    • Education
    • Food security
    • Freedom of expression and assembly
    • Gender-based violence
    • Health
    • Housing and homelessness
    • Immigration and asylum
    • Jobs and labor standards
    • Police abuses and failure to protect people
    • Poverty and economic inequality
    • Transportation
    • Voting rights and political representation
    • Other

  • Question 2: Please tell us which one of the previously listed human rights issue is the most important for [city/community name] to address and why?

  • Question 3: Do you see any examples of where our public officials are taking steps to improve human rights in our community? Please identify examples of positive changes in our area.

  • Question 4: Do you have any recommendations for change/s that will help our city/community improve its human rights record?